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My husband's lover

A truly delirious "door comedy" in which everyone is fooled and becomes delusional at the end.

Asdrúbal always longed to be an actor. His wife Constança never took his dream seriously and wants him to help her with her new lingerie business ‘before he does something crazy again...’

Asdrúbal, resolved to pursue his dream, gives his all at an audition, which he videotapes for a very special role - playing a ‘raging queer’. 
Just then, his wife enters the house and watches everything, becoming convinced that Asdrúbal has a lover called Arnaldo.
That same day, a distinguished man knocks at the door, a man called... Arnaldo... He has come to seduce the owner of the house, who he feels irresistibly attracted to.
The house maid Marilyn dreams of winning the local beauty contest and finding the love of her life, she opens the door and is convinced that the man is looking for her.
Constança believes that Arnaldo is her husband's lover and... revenge is served cold! 
The mix-ups explode into a hilarious escalation of adventures, with crazy dialogue and absurd chases through the house. A true ‘door comedy’.

Cast: Marta Andrino, Frederico Amaral, Rita Simões e Paulo Matos
Written by: Rodolfo da Rocha Carvalho
Staging: Paulo Matos
Lighting:  Alexandre Coelho


DATE: On display
SCHEDULE: Friday and Saturday: 9pm
Sunday: 4pm

Price: From €20

Age Group: M/12