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Access Conditions


(Decree-Law No. 422/89, 2nd of December)

For your protection, Casino Lisboa is subject to video surveillance. Entity authorized to operate the system: Estoril Sol (III) Tourism, Animation and Gaming, S.A., License nº 42A
Entity responsible for operating the data: Estoril Sol (III) Tourism, Entertainment and Gaming, SA Art. 31 of Law No. 34/2013 of 15 May, Art. 115 of Ordinance No. 273/2013 of 20 August.


Casino Lisboa, due to its specific characteristics, is subject to the protection measures for non-smokers pursuant to Law No. 37/2007, of 14 August. In this context, solutions were adopted in all of its spaces that create areas for non-smokers, in addition to others where smoking is allowed. The sophisticated exhaustion and environmental purification systems installed will ensure effective health protection for its Customers.


ARTICLE 29 | Reservation of the right to access the casinos

1 - (...)
2 - Access to the casinos is reserved, and the concessionaires must not allow the attendance of individuals who, namely:
The) (...)
b) Do not express the intention to use or consume the services provided therein;
c) Refuse, without legitimate cause, to pay for the services used or consumed;
d) May cause scenes of violence, environmental disturbances or cause damage;
e) May bother other casino users with their behavior and presentation;
f) Are accompanied by animals, engage in street sales or provide services


Access to Casino Lisboa is reserved (article 29 of Decree-Law No. 422/89).
Access to Casino Lisboa is not allowed to individuals who:

- Do not express the intention to use or consume the services provided therein;
- May annoy other Casino users with their behavior or presentation.

Special situations:
Customers with cameras or camcorders, bags, backpacks, helmets, umbrellas, raincoats, hats* and long coats must leave them in the cloakroom's custody.

*Hats (except for cases justified by religious or clinical reasons) and uniforms.

Access to Casino Lisboa's gaming rooms is reserved for persons over 18 years of age. (Decree-Law No. 422/89, of December 2nd)
Legal obligation of identification (Law No. 83/2017 of 18 August)


ARTICLE 36 | Access restrictions

1. Access to gambling rooms is reserved, and the director of the games service or the General Inspectorate of Games must refuse to issue entry cards or access to individuals whose presence in these rooms they deem inconvenient, particularly in cases of paragraph 2 of article 29.

2. Irrespective of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, entry into game rooms is prohibited, namely, for individuals:
- Under 18 years old;
- Incapable, disqualified and guilty of fraudulent bankruptcy, as long as they have not been rehabilitated;
- Members of the Armed Forces and paramilitary corporations, of any nationality, when in uniform;
- Employees of concessionaires who provide services in game rooms, when not in service;
- Carriers of weapons, devices or explosive materials and any equipment for recording and transmitting data, image or sound.

ARTICLE 37 | Expulsion from game rooms

1. Anyone found in a games room in violation of legal provisions, or when their presence is inconvenient, will be ordered to be removed by the inspectors of the General Inspectorate of Games or by the director of the games service, and refusal to leave will be considered. crime of qualified disobedience, in case the order is given or confirmed by the said inspectors.

2. In the cases provided for in the preceding paragraph and even when there are sufficient indications that the presence of a regular in the games rooms is inconvenient, the concessionaire must prohibit him from accessing those rooms, clarifying that he can complain to the General Inspection of Games.

3. Whenever the director of the gaming service exercises the duty imposed on him by the preceding paragraph, he must immediately inform the inspection service of his decision, indicating the facts on which he is based, without prejudice to making the communication in writing within the deadline. twenty-four hours.

4. The provisions of paragraphs 5 to 8 of article 29 are applicable to the expulsion and restriction of access to gaming rooms, provided for in this article.

ARTICLE 39 | Identification documents

Proof of identification elements may be provided by any of the following documents:
a) In relation to residents in Portuguese territory, by:
i) Identity card;
ii) Passport;
iii) Military identity card;
iv) Residence permit;
v) Driving license;
vi) Diplomatic card;

b) In relation to non-residents in Portuguese territory, any official identification document, issued by the Portuguese authorities or of the country where they reside, provided that it contains, in addition to the name of the holder, age, photograph, signature and country of residence.

ARTICLE 41 | Access control to game rooms

1. The concessionaires shall maintain, for as long as the traditional gaming rooms are open, a service, duly equipped and equipped with competent personnel, aimed at identifying the individuals who wish to attend them and inspecting the respective entrances.

2. The doormen of the rooms referred to in the previous number must ask the attendees to present the access card, in a conspicuous form, and also, when they are not familiar with them and the respective card does not include the photograph of the holder, the display of the document that served as the basis for the issuance.

3. Entry and stay in mixed rooms, machines and bingo, and Keno game rooms is subject to the possession of one of the identification documents provided for in article 39, and the porters of such rooms must request the exhibition of the even when the appearance of the attendee is such as to suspect doubts about the fulfillment of the requirement set out in subparagraph a) of paragraph 2 of article 36.

4. Access to the engine rooms is also subject to compliance with the maximum capacity established for these rooms by the General Inspection of Games, upon proposal by the concessionaire and after hearing the CAPO.


Access to gaming rooms is reserved (article 36 of Decree-Law No. 422/89)
Access to Casino Lisboa's gaming rooms is not allowed for individuals who:

- Do not express the intention to use or consume the services provided therein;
- May annoy other Casino users with their behavior or presentation.

Special situations:
- Customers with cameras or film cameras must leave them in the cloakroom's custody;
- It is mandatory to present, when requested, a Valid Identification Document (Decree-Law No. 422/89, of December 2nd)
The identification of patrons results from the provisions of Law No. 83/2017, of 18 August (establishes measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism), and the processing of the respective data is authorized under article 57 of the same Law.


For your protection, Casino Lisboa is under closed-circuit television surveillance, recording images.


The use of cameras is not authorized (Decree-Law No. 422/89, of December 2, Article 36, No. 2-e)