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From wednesday to sunday.

Bamboo Duo – June 2, 5:30pm
LA LA... BOOM! ‑ From Wednesday to Saturday, 10:30pm
Frederico BC – June 9, 5:30pm
Kilôko  – June 16, 5:30pm
Tortuga Voodoo ‑ June 23, 5:30pm 
Kika Cardoso Trio ‑ June 30

Bamboo Duo
June 2, 5:30pm

“With Miguel Cervini on vocals and guitar and Ana Caldeira on vocals, the band casts a new light on Portuguese-language themes through a close partnership that makes each rendition even more special.”

Ana Caldeira – Vocals
Miguel Cervini - Vocals and Guitar

From Wednesday to Saturday, 10:30pm

"THIS IS LA LA... BOOM!" A dream come true! A house free of prejudice, where talents shine and freedom is king! Here, joy and fun are your ticket to a truly unforgettable experience in an ode to seduction and charm.

This new show is in the style of a burlesque cabaret, in which contemporary circus, dance, and music come together for moments of pure magic. Come and discover all the characters who live in this house and indulge in a night full of surprises, provocation, and mystery that will leave you wanting more!


Cast: André Lourenço | Bruno Miguel Rosa |Mafalda Matos |Miguel Tira-Picos |Talitha Gonçalves | Renata Flores

Frederico BC
June 9, 5:30pm

Frederico BC will take to the stage to perform some of the hits from throughout his life and from his last three albums.
Frederico BC, whose star has continued to rise in a career that has included studying music in London and releasing three albums, is one of the leading names on the Portuguese music scene. The musician will be performing at the Casino Lisboa in a super intimate setting, joined only on the piano by experienced pianist Nuno Tavares. Many surprises are in store for a performance that will no doubt be very special and that promises to combine musical excellence with the renowned showmanship of this Portuguese artist.

Frederico BC - Vocals
Nuno Tavares - Piano

June 16, 5:30pm

"This trio's vast repertoire includes songs by some of the world's greatest singers, and they play them in their own unique way. Their contagious energy guarantees an evening well spent to the sound of the music we all love to hear."

Luís Bastos - Clarinet
Mick Mengucci - Vocals and Guitar
Ian Carlo Mendoza - Drums

Tortuga Voodoo
June 23, 5:30pm

"Tortuga Voodoo" arose from the desire of a group of musician friends to pay homage to some of the leading bands that have contributed in some way to their musical growth. The band strives to bring audiences a wide range of music, including from artists such as John Mayer, Sting, Eric Clapton, and Dire Straits, to name just a few. The musicians bring a personal touch to their renditions and performances, looking for different approaches to the themes they perform and showcasing their interest in music rather than style. The band plays a blend of rock, pop, blues & jazz, as well as some improvisational music. 

Pedro Pires - Vocals
Paulo Muiños - Bass
Tino Dias - Drums 

Kika Cardoso Trio
June 30

With a natural talent for music and an extraordinary voice, Kika Cardoso arrived and captivated Portugal, emerging as the winner of the X Factor programme. She has released her first album of original soul/pop songs and is known for her sweet and melodious voice, as well as her vocal range and excellent stage presence. Their performances are infectious, not only for their brilliance and professionalism, but also for their ability to thrill an audience. Her influences range from Pop to Rock, with an inevitable touch of Soul, where artists like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston are a reference and part of her musical repertoire. 
Kika Cardoso - Voice 
Carlos Tatoo - Drums 
Ricardo Silva – Piano 

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