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From thursday to saturday.

Trio Naranjus – February 1 to 3, 10:30pm
DJ É‑ME with MARK CAIN Saxofone – February 4, 7pm and 11pm
Vintage Glam – Novo Circo: February 7 to 10 | February 14 to 17 | February 21 to 24 | February 28 to March 2, 10:30pm
Chocolate com Pimenta: February 11, 5:30pm and 9:30pm
Carnaval: Voodoo Marmalade: February 12, 10:30pm
Valentine's Day: Rui Drumond Solo (Voice and Guitar): February 14, 9pm
The Soul Journey: February 18, 5:30pm and 9:30pm
Diogo Beatriz Santos: February 25, 9:30pm

Trio Naranjus
February 1 to 3, 10:30pm

The Trio Naranjus Duo has been around for over 15 years, hundreds of concerts, thousands of laughs and anonymous contributors from the audience that always end up singing along at the top of their voices . Pedro Soares (guitar, bass and vocals) and Tiago Barbosa (vocals and keyboards) take you on an unforgettable journey through a rich and varied repertoire that marked everyone's life in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. All aboard! 

DJ É‑ME with MARK CAIN Saxofone
February 4, 7pm and 11pm

DJ É‑me

DJ É‑me is an eclectic open format DJ originally from Alentejo, in the south of Portugal, who lives in Lisbon.

Drawing on a career packed full of experience, DJ É-me has made a name for himself on the capital's music scene, boasting a talent for reading audiences and truly unique musicianship.

Mark Cain: Saxophonist, Guitarist, Composer, Producer

Originally from Liverpool, England, where he played on the music circuit in the north of the country, he moved to Portugal where he studied at the Hot Clube de Jazz music school and played with Primitive Reason at all the festivals and main stages in Portugal before moving to New York in 1999.

On his return to Portugal, he worked as musical director for several theatre plays and as a freelancer, recording TV and radio adverts, recording music for producers in various countries (Portugal, England, the United States, Brazil, etc.), and also performed live as a solo saxophonist and with DJs, singers, and bands.

Vintage Glam – Novo Circo
February 7 to 10 | February 14 to 17 | February 21 to 24 | February 28 to March 2, 10:30pm


The magic and fascination of the 1920s, in moments full of glamor and spectacularity. This show features a fusion of new circus talents, including acrobats, dancers and a singer with a unique voice in Portugal.

"Vintage Glam" combines the eccentricity of the 1920s, through its costumes and characterizations, with the sophistication and luxury of new circus acts.A sensory experience that will make you dream!

Cast: Natacha Cantarinhas (Vocals) | Vitor Kpez & Mafalda Matos (Dancers) | Bruno Miguel Rosa & Miguel Tira-Picos (Acrobats)
Creation/Staging: Laboratório
Production: Laboratório / UAU

Chocolate com Pimenta
February 11, 5:30pm and 9:30pm

Chocolate com Pimenta are friends in life and music. Rutthe Lopes sings, David Sousa plays guitar, and Joo Castanho plays the cajon. They play different types of music like soul, funk, afro, pop, and rock. They also play music from different countries like Portugal, England, North America, and Africa. They make each song unique and unique, so people can enjoy both sweet and spicy music at the same time.

Carnaval: Voodoo Marmalade
February 12, 10:30pm

Voodoo Marmalade are a Portuguese band from the Lisbon region who, through the organic sound of ukuleles, vocals and percussion, rock the biggest stages with the energy of an atomic explosion. From captivating original compositions to creative mixes of songs by other artists, Voodoo Marmalade's shows are a mesmerizing musical odyssey through the most diverse musical styles.

André Galvão: Bass + Vocals
João O'neill: Ukelele + Vocals
Tiago Albuquerque: Ukelele + Vocals
João Cabrita: Ukelele + Vocals
Miguel Roquette: Percussion
Tiago Faria: Drums

Valentine's Day: Rui Drumond Solo (Voice and Guitar)
February 14, 9pm

Accompanied only by his guitar, with intimacy and a unique interpretation of each song, Rui Drumond makes this concert special and cozy, where the main message is reflected in each song.

The Soul Journey
February 18, 5:30pm and 9:30pm

Rui Drumond's project called "The Soul Journey" started in 2018 and has been popular at many corporate events, music festivals, and auditoriums around the country. His most recent single "Weight in gold" is the result. Rui Drumond enjoys exploring his own inner world and discovering fascinating tales that he can turn into tunes and call his own... He can give anything, even ideas that have been discussed before, but he can also look at them differently. In this format, Rui Drumond performs with his band, in a Soul style, putting his personal stamp on each song he sings. From soul music to pop, from old school to current affairs, each version is a unique and original journey, transporting the audience into his world.

Rui Drumond - Vocals
Ricardo Bikk - Bass
Aleixo Franco - Keyboard
Rui Reis - Drums

Diogo Beatriz Santos
February 25, 9:30pm

With over a decade of experience in the national musical scene, Diogo Beatriz Santos presents himself as an exceptional singer with an extensive and diversified repertory that covers several genres such as jazz, soul, r&b, pop, world music, mpb and bossa nova. Considering himself a storyteller, Diogo Beatriz Santos is always accompanied by musicians of excellence, in whom he trusts the task of making possible the unique moments he provides to his national and international clients. In his academic career, he is a proud holder of the Herbie Hancock Scholarship from Berklee College of Music. Having already performed from north to south of the country, in some of the most emblematic venues, the focus remains always on providing a luxury experience with performances that take listeners on a musical journey selected specifically for the event.

Diogo Beatriz santos - Vocals 
Nuno Tavares – Keyboard 

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